Chapter 12: How to Buy a Car part 2

Chapter 12: How to Buy a Car part 2
    Chapter 12: How to Buy a Car part 2

    Chapter 12: How to Buy a Car part 2

    The number of gallons will appear on the pump display and on your receipt. When refilling the second time, you ll also record the mileage on your odometer. The change in mileage is the new mileage recording minus the previous mileage recording, and that number goes in the numerator of the equation. 

    When shopping for vehicles, you can look up the gas mileage as one of the features. (Go to any page past the home page at to use the free tool on the sidebar). The reported gas mileage is a statistical average that the vehicle generally gets and the vehicle that you purchase could get better or worse gas mileage depending on the condition of the vehicle and the roads where you will be driving. 

    There will be a monthly fee for vehicle insurance. Insurance fees will vary by the amount of coverage that you want. Liability insurance only pays for any damages that you might cause to the other party when you get in an accident and you are at fault. It won t pay to replace your vehicle or for your potential medical bills. You ll also want to consider whether you want roadside service in case the vehicle breaks down, or coverage for car rental fees in case you need a replacement vehicle while your vehicle is repaired. This additional coverage cost more per month. 

    There are many car insurance companies. Some of the more frequently advertised companies are Geico, All State, Progressive, Farmers, Esurance, and Liberty Mutual. Yet, there are many, many others. Their advertisements often tout that by simply giving them a call you could save a significant amount on your monthly insurance bill. That is true because each of their coverage plans are catered to specific types of drivers and these plans change from year to year. Hypothetically, this year Insurance Company A might have better rates for the common commuter with nothing on their driving record, while Insurance Company B might have the best rates for single mothers who are transporting three or more children on a regular basis. When they determine the monthly rate, they take many factors into consideration and many of these factors are company secrets that aren t publicly announced to potential customers. So, the best way to find the best deal is to get a quote from each company.  

    Some ways to reduce your monthly insurance cost are to never get a speeding ticket, never get in an accident, get good grades if you re a student, get married, be within a certain income bracket (not too low or too high), be female, and stay in frequent contact with the insurance company. Most of these factors are based on statistics. They re not being sexist or having other forms of bias; they have the research and numbers to justify charging a higher monthly fee for drivers who are at a higher risk. Also, many insurance companies offer discounts if you combine your car insurance with other types of insurance that they offer, such as home owner s insurance. They call it bundle discounts. 

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